How to fight a denied life insurance claim

How to fight a denied life insurance claim

A denied life insurance claim is devastating. When the insurance company sends you a denial letter in the mail, you may not know where to turn and you may be overwhelmed with concerns about your financial future. The best option you have is to contact a life insurance attorney for help.


Life insurance companies may try to deny claims for a number of different reasons such as:

  • A death that occurred during the contestability period, which is usually during the first two years of coverage;
  • Material misrepresentation or false statement made on an insurance application;
  • Lapse in premium payments;
  • The death occurred during the application period.

These and other excuses made by the insurance company can often be challenged by a competent and experienced life insurance attorney. For example, if a misstatement was made on the policy application, this does not necessarily mean the insurance company has the right to deny coverage.  Some misstatements were just simple mistakes and are not considered material misrepresentations that would affect the insurance company’s obligation to pay.  However, when a death occurred during the application period, temporary coverage may have been in effect.

The bottom line is that, regardless of the excuses made by the insurance company, you should never simply trust the insurer that a denied life insurance claim is appropriate. You should always have your case reviewed by a qualified lawyer to find ways to appeal and argue for coverage.


In some situations, the insurance company will have no legitimate reason for denying your claim. When this occurs, we can pursue a bad faith lawsuit to help you recover compensation that may even exceed the insurance policy limits.

Insurance companies are paid premiums every month or year, often making thousands of dollars in exchange for providing coverage. These insurance companies then try to get away with making payments when death occurs, leaving loved ones and family members facing significant financial hardship.

Your deceased family member, business partner or friend who bought an insurance policy did so in order to protect you. They should have their wishes honored and the insurance company should pay as promised.

Our attorneys will fight to help make sure you get the money you deserve. Call today to schedule a free consultation and learn more about how we can help you: 1-855-865-4335.

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